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Render and Coating Applications

Can be applied externally as a render as well as internally as insulation

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Not only can it be applied as an eternal render that delivers the multiple benefits detailed here, but it can also be used as a TIWI (Thin Internal Wall Insulation), which the Government already recognizes as a significant development in home insulation.

As well as being used as a traditional outside render, EarthCork can be sprayed internally on walls and on the underside of roof sections. But whether it’s externally or internally, EarthCork consistently delivers impressive results on energy efficiency and durability at the same time as being low maintenance.


Our experienced team use a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork across the affected areas which can then be skimmed in plaster and decorated. The finished look and feel is no different than it would have been with traditional plaster, but you yourself are left with the knowledge that behind that surface you have a natural breathable area where damp and mould issues are removed.


Our EarthCork product can be sprayed on to create a beautiful and durable finish to any building but above aesthetic looks, EarthCork delivers impressive energy efficiency by improving on heat loss which results in a saving of up to 30%.


EarthCork can also be applied on industrial buildings and is particularly effective on asbestos farm buildings where they’re brought back to life without the costly expense of specialist removal.

On an industrial roof, EarthCork is impressive. It can be used to repair any patches on the outside edge but equally it can be used on the underside so that condensation does not collect when air temperature fluctuates alongside the inside temperature of the building.


Equally on a domestic level EarthCork can be applied to the inside of a roof so that it acts as a thermal insulator. It reduces energy loss and will reduce your bills which is better for your pocket as well as the planet.

What’s important to remember with EarthCork, is that it’s a sustainable natural product. It’s flexible and waterproof and can be used in many different ways. In fact, we don’t completely understand why it’s taken so long for the product to establish itself as a key component in building design and construction, it has in other parts of the world.


EarthCork is both flexible and waterproof offering significant protection from everything that the UK weather has to throw at it. In addition, anyone that has worked inside an industrial building with a metal roof when the rain comes down will tell you that you can hardly hear yourself think. EarthCork is a perfect sound insulator from this very issue, creating a better environment for the people working inside.

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EarthCork walls are fire resistant with a Euro-class B Safety Rating and they’re water resistant as well because it’s a cork-based product.

While we’re at it, it’s also important to recognize the eco-benefits when using a natural, sustainable product. Cork grows in abundance in certain climates and doesn’t involved the destruction of the tree, it only ever involves the removal of the bark which in itself encourages additional growth. On top of that the energy saving that EarthCork products deliver mean that it is undoubtedly good for you and good for the planet at the very same time.

Houses should never be hazardous to the health of the people that live there and EarthCork applications do their bit to make sure that houses are turned in to homes.

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