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About EarthCork

Can be used to safely cover asbestos buildings rather than costly and hazardous removal

Kevin McClouds
Green Heroes

Featured on Grand Designs and supported by Kevin McCloud, heres what he had to say;

“Cork is a fascinating material with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Its antifungal, and resists rotting, it ‘breathes’, transpiring moisture, it will compress to form a tight gasket (think wine bottles) and it’s sustainable.

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

Save 30%
On your annual bills

Finishing a building with EarthCork’s cork-based render coating system is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your property. Not only does it create a beautiful, highly durable and waterproof finish to the outside of the building but it also gives you an incredibly low maintenance exterior that delivers impressive levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. That in turn could save you up to 30% on your annual bills.

And breathable

Although it’s waterproof, it is still breathable in a one-way direction (a bit like a Goretex jacket), which is good for the fabric of the building. It also patches perfectly over damaged sections giving further insulation and protection from everything that the British weather has to offer.


There’s no need to spend money hacking off your damaged render as we can save you thousands by spraying directly over your existing render. It doesn’t matter if it’s damaged or cracked, pebble or spar dashed, or even covered in the K-Rend that some developers have been using in recent times. We can cover it, keeping your property protected from all the elements.


Our cork render never needs painting like more traditional renders, and is much more cost-effective than having to re-render and re-decorate. It’s sustainable too!

Are you experiencing issues with damp? Not only is our render visually stunning, it also has hugely beneficial thermal insulation properties which eradicate penetrating damp and prevents thermal bridge.  

Sprayed directly over your existing render or brickwork including any damaged areas, our product will completely eliminate your issues! It can even be applied over pebble and spar dash!


The company is owned by Ross Elwell who has years of experience as a master craftsman installing micro-cement kitchens and bathrooms, Venetian and Clay Plastered walls and one off liquid metal corporate logos and stenciling.

The development of EarthCork as a separate product and service and is a significant move forward for the business. Between us and our partner company CorkSol, based in Yorkshire, we are the only approved installers of this cork based, render system in the UK.

This natural, spray applied system is reinventing the render market, offering genuine benefits to homeowners across the UK in the same way that it already does across Europe and other parts of the world.

What started as a well-kept secret from Portugal is already gaining momentum as a game changer for the housing market here.

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